Elementary - June 20

Weekly Lesson

Assistant Kids Church Pastor

Message from Pastor Melissa

Hello Way Kids Elementary Families: We are so glad you joined us for our entire online experience. We love Konnect HQ for it's strong base in the Bible and how it really goes deeper into the word. We love to see our children experience God in a new, deeper way. Encourage your child to memorize the new scripture each week. Don't forget to stay all the way to the end, where you will find this week's discussion questions.

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Preschool - June 20

Weekly Lesson

Message from Pastor Melissa

Hello Way Kids Pre-K Families: Our goal for our preschoolers is a combination of consistency and repetitive teaching that ensures even our youngest members hide God's word in their hearts. 

We all know that one cartoon our child will still watch 150 times later. Based on a child's ability to retain information and memorize things so well at a young age, we use the methodology of repetition and consistency and have seen amazing results. Each week for our month, we have the same lesson with a different "Prop talk" that reinforces the meaning of the lesson. We hope you enjoy!"

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