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Join a Connect Group

We are better together!

We believe that community encourages change and growth in us, in our families, in our relationships and in our everyday lives. 

There is no better place to find this community than by joining a Connect group! Connect groups offer a safe and comfortable environment where we can join together with others to share life, ask questions, and experience authentic relationships as we grow in faith together. Connect Groups can help you find freedom through building relationships with other believers that can pray for you and challenge you to grow.

We have groups meeting throughout the week. Some meet in homes and some meet at The Way. Some focus on books or curriculum, some on bible study, and others on shared interests. Some groups, called "Gathering" groups, even continue outside of our semesters. If you have an idea for a group, please don't hesitate to email us.

We gather in rows on Sundays but we grow throughout the week in circles. We would love for you to be a part!